duckwheelchair asked:

Hey. Saw your Coriolanus print and I was wondering, if you're going to have it in eihter redbubble or heyprints. I have a friend who would just die, if I got her that for christmas :) And I'm definitely going to get one of the Hobbit ones for another friend :) You are very talented :)

Oh Thank you very much, but T.T these drawings are not for sale. They were drew by donating my talent for the auction at the events. The events organizers presented to me these prints as souvenir. I will try to draw more drawings and add to my shop. Thanks!!   

acarima asked:

Hello, may I ask you something about your doujin Unfinished tales in Get hiddles event, did you sell oversea? Me and my friend really appreciate your work and we love Thor/loki so much. We hope you can sell them for us. T v T Thank you.

Hi! Thank you for asking me. I will try to make and sell the English version of my book, like vol.1 :-) But I’m very slow and need time to translate into English (this book has hell of long lines) so if you wait for me relaxed, I will be happy. Thanks! It’s very good to know someone waits to see my new work.